First Choice Lending Group’s Roadmap to Homeownership

The First Choice Lending Team can help you land the house of your dreams quickly and easily, giving you time to focus on what is important. Here is the step-by-step roadmap to buying a home.

    1. Enter into a sales contract to purchase your home.
    2. Complete your loan application at com, under the loan officer’s (LO) contact provided to you by your sales agent. Do this no later than 3 days after signing the contract.
    3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that we received your application and your unique login information to our secure portal to upload your documents.
    4. Once all documents are uploaded, a member of our team will contact you within 48 hours to confirm receipt of all documents or request additional ones if necessary. Documents and details of your home purchase are reviewed by your LO within your 14-day financing contingency in order to get you pre-approved for your mortgage loan.
    1. Your LO will then send your initial loan disclosures based on the terms you have requested.
    2. Your loan disclosures need to be signed within 48 hours of receipt, then your loan is moved forward to the loan processor (LP).
    3. The Loan Processor prepares the file to tell your story to the underwriter, orders verification, title work, appraisal, etc. Make sure to pay for your appraisal as soon as you receive the link to avoid delays in the process
    4. The LP submits your file to the underwriter.
    5. The underwriter reviews the file and issues a conditional approval.
    6. The LP will work with you to clear any conditions requested by the underwriter. A “Clear to Close” is issued by the underwriter, your file is moved into the closing department.
    1. The closing team and title company prepare your closing disclosure which contains the final details of your loan.
    2. The closing disclosure is emailed to you and must be signed electronically 3 business days prior to closing. There is a mandatory 3-day wait period not including Sundays or Federal Holidays.
    3. Once the closing disclosure is signed, the closing documents are finalized and sent to the Title Company for closing on the set date and time agreed upon between you and the builder.
    4. Once all your documents have been signed for your closing, you are now the homeowner of your dream house, CONGRATULATIONS!!!